02/04 Paper Making

Paper Making
NEW! Have you ever thought about making your own paper? Join us at Rockwood Nature Center where we will learn how to make paper! We will talk a bit about the history of paper, and what Native Americans and early Colonists used to write on. We’ll take a walk in the park and gather items to decorate some of our paper creations.
Rockwood Nature Center, 3401 Courthouse Road
For ages 7 – 17, Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult:
Sunday, Feb 4,  1-2:30p.m.                        $10  Course 33065
Saturday, March 10, 1-2:30p.m.                  $10  Course 33067
For ages 18 +:
Sunday, Feb 4,  3-4:30p.m.                         $10  Course 33066
Saturday, March 10, 11 a.m.-12:30p.m.       $10  Course 33068
Details: Lisa Trapp, trappl@chesterfield.gov or 804-745-8360

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