02/06 My First Nature Adventure!

My First Nature Adventure
Bring your little two-year-old nature tot to this series of nature explorations, stories, and hands-on activities. We ask that each child be age 2 and that younger siblings not attend.
Rockwood Nature Center, 3401 Courthouse Road
Tuesdays, 10:30-11 a.m.      $5 per child for each class
Feb. 6        Shadows of Nature                                 Course 33033
Feb. 20    What Does Nature Feel Like?                     Course 33034
Feb. 27      What Does Nature Taste Like?                 Course 33035
March 6    What Does Nature Smell Like?                  Course 33036
March 20 What Does Spring Sound Like?                  Course 33050
March 27 What Does Nature Sound Like?                  Course 33051
April 17    What Does Spring Look Like?                    Course 33052
April 24    What Does Nature Look Like?                    Course 33053
May 15    Animal Safari                                            Course 33054
May 22    Exploring Nature with All Our Senses          Course 33055
Details: Denise Flora, florad@chesterfield.gov, or 804-745-7020

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