04/22 Kayaking 101-Introduction to Calm Water Paddling

Kayaking 101 – Introduction to Calm Water Paddling
Join the regions’ most experienced staff and learn how to paddle the correct way with Chesterfield County’s professional instructors! This class is designed for the person who wants to learn the basics of flat-water kayaking. The class covers entries, exits, strokes, safety, and the equipment needed to start kayakinq. An optional tour of the Dutch Gap Conservation Area is included. Rental includes kayak and all equipment. Swimming ability is required. Minimum age is 11 and youth 11-13 must be accompanied by an actively participating adult. Max. weight 250 lbs. due to kayak limitations.
Dutch Gap Conservation Area, 251 Henricus Park Rd.
Sunday, April 22,   9 a.m.- 4 p.m.    $70 ($80 w/ rental)      Course 33329
Details: Greg Velzy at 748-1124 or velzyg@chesterfield.gov

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