04/24 Beyond the Basics: Level 2 – Aiming and Scoring

Beyond the Basics: Level 2. — Aiming and Scoring
Take your new found archery skills to the next level with the second class in the intermediate series of archery courses. Participants will learn different aiming techniques for bare bow, as well as how to use a basic target sight and the importance of your sight picture. Play some aiminq games and end the session With a mini scoring round that will put newfound abilities to the test. All equipment is provided, or use your own with instructor permission. PREREQUISITE: Participants must have completed the Beyond the Basics’ Level 1 course within the past year or participated in an archery club in order to be eligible for this program.
Rockwood Nature Center, 3401 Courthouse Road
Sunday, April 24,           2-4 p.m.           $20      Course 30608
Saturday, May 28,        10 a.m.-noon    $20      Course 30609
Details: Bob Smet, smetr@chesterfield.gov or 745-8360

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