045/06 Beyond the Basics: Level 2 – Aiming and Scoring

Beyond the Basics: Level 2. — Aiming and Scoring
Take your archery skills to the next level with the intermediate series of archery courses. Now it’s time to work on aim and learning how to score a regulation target face. Participants will learn different aiming techniques for bare-bow as well as how to use a basic target sight and the importance of your sight picture. Play some aiming games and end the sessions with a mini-scoring round. Class is held on the instructional archery range directly next to Rockwood Nature Center. All equipment is provided, or use your own with instructor permission. PREREQUISITE: Participants must have completed the Beyond the Basics: Level 1 course within the past year or participated in an archery club in order to be eligible for this program.
Rockwood Nature Center, 3401 Courthouse Road
Sunday, May 6,           2-4 p.m.           $20      Course 33011
Details: Lisa Trapp, trappl@chesterfield.gov or 804-745-8360

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